Murder Ballad Monday 4/2/18

The Gathering Dark perform Murder Ballad Monday at Sanctuary Brewing Company in Hendersonville, NC every two weeks. The show features live versions of classic murder ballads, ranging from Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash to “Mack The Knife” and “99 Luftbaloons”. Steve and I ventured down the rabbit hole of songs about murder and now we can’t stop digging.

JimmycliftoninredApril 2nd, 2018 began with an opening set by local boy-wonder Jimmy Clifton. Here’s a pic Jimmy bathed in the blood of murder most foul. I’ve joked about his angelic pipes but…seriously…this dude has a killer voice. Do yourself a favor and check him out.

Steve and I took the stage under the banner of The Gathering Dark. Nope, it’s not the banner of cows you see behind us in this picture. The Gathering Dark is our band and the banner is metaphorical.GatheringdarkinredWe played some original murder ballads. I played “Jon Benet” which is about (you guessed it) Jon Benet Ramsey. I got way deep into that murder and there’s no ballad about it. So I wrote one.

One day Steve piped up and said, “Oh, I can do Jim Beam. I forgot I wrote that one.”


And then Steve proceeds to bust out this dark and awesome murder ballad completely off-the-cuff, from memory. It’s become a staple our set. Steve is a badass.

For our second set, we played some Selections from the Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds album Murder Ballads. One of our regulars, a good dude named Mike, asked if we would do some Nick Cave. So we did some Nick Cave. More Nick Cave is on the way.

Did we play “Stagger Lee”? I guess you’ll have to come out on a Monday night and find out.

Our buddy Sumsun joined us for the Nick Cave set. His added guitar and keys really brought the songs to life. If you haven’t checked him out, dance yourself to this link SumsonGatheringdarksumson

The Gathering Dark returns April 16th with more songs and stories of murder most foul. Let us know what you wanna hear. We might just bust it out.

Thanks to Blair Buckler and Sean Huson for the rad pics.

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